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Work Flow: Send us your inquiry Send us a request with clearly defined requirements:   Which type of website do you want:   1) Ecommerce Website 2) Niche Market Website a) Classifieds Website b) Real Estate Website c) Car Dealer Website d) Newspaper Website e) Video Website f) Coupon deals Website g) Micro Jobs Website…

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What is the difference between domains vs hosting vs website?

When you have a website, visitors use your domain name to view your website. As simple as it seems, there is a process that occurs from the time that the site visitor types in your domain and presses enter. When a site visitor enters your domain name into a browser, the domain is then translated…

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What is SEO?

By the time you reach the end of this SEO basics guide, you’ll have a strong understanding of what search engine optimization is, why it’s valuable and important, and how to get great results in an ever-changing SEO environment. 1. What is SEO & Why is it Important? You’ve likely heard of SEO, and if…

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Static vs CMS Websites

One of the most important decisions to make before having a website built for you is whether to choose a static website or a content management system, known as a CMS. There are advantages to both but choosing one over the other is a matter of determining what your needs are. What is a Static…

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