Affiliate Marketing

As the market has grown in complexity over the last years, new promotion methods have emerged via secondary or tertiary parties. Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-centric marketing that allows retailers/ brands to take full advantage of thousands of specialized online publishers to increase sales, brand awareness, and lead acquisition efforts. 

Although Amazon’s retail program became a synonym with this type of marketing channel, affiliate marketing has successfully captured various industries, including B2B clients who are interested in improving their reach through lead generation – we should know.

Our affiliate campaigns are aimed at finding the perfect match between your brand with the proper messaging, through affiliates who bear the same interest… and the same target audience to streamline your goods/ services & put them in the hands of the right people.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Affiliate Program Audit

Prior to delving into the quest of finding your business the perfect growth mushroom and carefully assess its effects on the day-to-day sales, Businesoft will inspect the application process to ensure our partnership can be built on a mutually beneficial framework and analyze the relevant creatives, together with adjusting them as required. Once an array of eligible affiliates has been set, we will build the premises of your successful partnership – publisher communication, and we will guide you throughout the process – let’s put a ring on it.

Program Growth & Onboarding

 The neighbor’s grass might always seem greener, but we surely will test that through competition/ competitive analysis, and we will make it x10 better with the right partnerships and strategies. To reach that point, we will handle the publisher’s recruitment process, negotiate increased placements, & decide what the most reliable media buys. Only what’s best for our clients.

Program Management

Weekly reporting, full-time transparence. You can count on us to provide the data behind our choices and manage the balance between brand and revenue. At the same time, we will handle all the tedious monitoring and managing the policy violations. As we are here to stay, you can trust our long-term strategy yet short-term evaluations & optimization processes.

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